Wednesday, August 3 thru Friday, August 5, 2016
7 to 9 PM Every Night

School is coming back into session quickly and the summer is almost over.  This is one last opportunity for a little fun before the summer is over.  This year's VBS them is The Laborer vs. The Slothful.  God wants all of his children to be diligent workers, and I sure that is our desire as parents also.  
Each night there will be snacks, crafts, games, prizes, a bible lesson, and skits geared towards teaching kids to be Laborers, not slothful and teaching kids about Jesus Christ, whose ultimate Labor of Love allows us to go to Heaven.
Kids who come all three nights will get a certificate that will be redeemable on Sunday Morning for an Ice Cream Social for them and any Guests. There will also be a large prize for the child who earns the most points for coming, bringing friends, bringing their bible, and memorizing provided verses.

Please note, only children 4 and up (and potty trained) are allowed without an adult.

If you wish to attend, Please fill out the registration form below (up to 6 children on one form.  If you have more than 6, submit another form with the extra children).  This is not required for a child to attend, but it is extremely helpfult to us.

List of Memory Verses (for uniformity, please make sure all verses are memorized in KJV)

  • Wednesday
    • Genesis 1:31
    • Genesis 2:3
  • Thursday
    • Proverbs 20:11
    • Proverbs 6:6
  • Friday
    • Romans 5:8
    • Philippians 1:6